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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Gloucester Airport Expansion plans - CASE Update #1

15th March 2007

For more details, visit the CASE website at www.case-online.org.uk

As you may know, Gloucester Airport has submitted several planning
applications to Tewkesbury Borough Council, which if approved will allow
them to implement their five-year business plan.

The details of the five-year plan had not previously been made public, but a
copy was submitted as part of the planning application. This will confirm
may peoples concerns that the airport wishes to increase the amount of jet
traffic using their facilities.

These are some of the statements from the five-year plan :

· 'The improvements to the runway declared distances could be expected
to quickly attract larger business aircraft that cannot currently use or are
severely restricted in their use of the Airport.'

· 'Increase the landing distance available (LAD) on runway 27 from 997
metres to around 1,160 metres, making it suitable for a wide range of
popular business aircraft as well as regional passenger aircraft in the 20-80
sealer class.'

· 'With the commissioning of the ILLS on runway 27, instrument training
traffic could be expected to increase dramatically, almost immediately.'

· 'The improved facilities would also make possible the introduction of
regular, scheduled flights, servicing a range of destinations such as Dublin,
Glasgow/Edinburgh, London City and the Channel islands'.

· 'Three home-based commercial training operators alone have forecast an
immediate utilization, with approximately 500 training approaches a year
and a corresponding increase in fuel uplift approaching 90,000 litres per
year. Visiting commercial training operators, such as Oxford Air Training
School (where there is no ILLS) and Bristol Flight Centre, could also be
expected to fly 500 training approaches per year through ILLS training'

· 'Visiting business aircraft could be expected to increase in number…..'

· 'As well as home-based corporate aircraft, the Airport would attract more
visiting corporate aircraft from Year 3.'

· 'The planned development of passenger carrying commercial traffic would
bring about the need to expand the existing passenger terminal facilities.'

· 'Allow runway 09 to meet requirements for a precision approach runway,
enabling the future installation of an ILLS at this end of the runway, as
developing commercial traffic justifies it.'

The contents of the five-year plan contradicts some of the statements
consistently made to the public :

· 'Our plans are driven by longstanding safety issues.'

· 'Because airport movements & noise disturbance are not expected to
increase significantly, it is unlikely that there will be any devaluation of
property in the local area.'

Having read the five-year plan we are convinced that the changes that the
airport wishes to make are not driven by safety, but by a desire to increase
jet traffic and profits. We don't believe that the airport should be allowed to
expand and build on green belt land at the expense of the local
environment, both in terms of additional noise and pollution. Of particular
concern is nauseous stench of kerosene that drifts across the airport
perimeter when jet aircraft are operating.

The airport has recently 'abridged' the copy of the five-year plan on the
Tewkesbury Borough Council web site, and several of the statements
quoted have been deleted. We believe that this is an attempt by the airport
management to influence the result of their planning applications by
concealing their true intentions for the airport.

Time is running out to raise objections to these planning proposals, the
closing date for comments from the public are the 20th and 23rd of March.
The full planning application, including the 'abridged' 5-year plan, can be
read online at the Tewkesbury Borough Council website :

http://www.tewkesburybc.gov.uk/ in the section “Planning and
Development Services”, “View Planning Applications Online”. The relevant
applications are :

06/01669/FUL "Construction of a new access road to Gloucestershire
Airport including new junction with Bamfurlong"
06/01671/FUL "Construction of replacement Boarding Kennels and Cattery
with associated ancillary storage/reception"
06/01670/FUL "Demolition of dwelling and ancillary storage/agricultural
buildings and their replacement"

Last year at the public meeting held at Chosen Hill School the impression
was given that the public would be consulted before the airport submitted
it's planning applications. However, we understand from a recent press
release that the airport will be beginning this consultation on the 20th of
this month, just as the planning departments stops accepting comments
from the public!

At last years public meeting people attending were invited to leave their
names and email address so that they could be kept up-to-date with plans
to develop the airport. This email has been sent to all of the people who left
email addresses. If you would like you name removed from the list please
let me know.



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