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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Gloucester Airport Expansion - CASE Update #4

15th October 2007

More details, and regular updates, can be found on the CASE website at

1. A demonstration against the airport expansion has been organised for
the weekend of 20th/21st October. Inspired by the Camp for Climate
Action 2007 at Heathrow, activists and local residents have organised the
camp to protest against the expansion of Gloucestershire Airport at
Staverton. "Camp Hope" will take place at a secret location near the
airport. More details are available on the websites :


2. As one of the two joint owners of the airport, Gloucester City Council is
considering whether to support the airports expansion plans. A working
group has been set up by the "Overview and Scrutiny" committee to
examine the airport's business plan and make a recommendation to the
Council who will ultimately make the decision.

The working group consists of the following councillors :

Harjit Gill Harjit.gill@gloucester.gov.uk
Philip McLellan philipm@gloucester.gov.uk
Kathy Williams Kathy.Williams@gloucester.gov.uk

The working group can be contacted by email or at the council offices :

Gloucester City Council
North Warehouse,
The Docks

Please consider writing to them and letting them know what you think
about the proposed expansion.

CASE believe that the expansion cannot be justified on safety grounds,
and will lead to more noise, pollution and longer opening hours. To
generate the revenue necessary to finance the expansion the airport would
have to attract additional business and commercial flights. The Instrument
Landing System that the airport plan to install would also lead to an
intensification of training flights and increase demand for longer opening
hours. The larger aircraft that the airport hope to attract create significantly
more CO2 and other greenhouse gases than the light aircraft which
currently predominate at the airport.

3. The planning applications submitted by the airport have still not been
considered by the Tewkesbury Borough Council planning committee. The
committee will not consider the four planning applications made by the
airport until their November meeting, at the earliest. As soon as the
committee date and the planning officers recommendations are published
we will send an update with the details of the committee members so that
you can contact them directly and make your views known.

Clearly the planners see the expansion as an issue, as they have spent
nearly a year analysing the applications to judge if, and to what extent,
there will be 'intensification'.

4. Remember that noise complaints can now be submitted online using the
airports new website. The home page is at :


and the noise complaint form is at :


If complaints are not made the airport will claim that their operations do not
cause a noise nuisance. It only takes a moment to log a complaint,
whether it is an out of hours incident, something particularly low or loud, or
repeated circuits.

5. About CASE (Concerned residents Against Staverton Expansion)

For details about CASE, visit the website at www.case-online.org.uk

6. This email

People attending last year's public meeting at Chosen Hill School were
invited to leave their names and addresses so that they could be kept up-
to-date with plans to develop the airport. This email has been sent to all of
the people who left email addresses, or who have subsequently contacted
us. If you would like your name removed from the list please let me know.



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