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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Gloucester Airport Expansion - CASE Update #5

5th February 2008

CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand
Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport. More details, and regular updates, can
be found on the CASE website at www.case-online.org.uk


1. The airport business plan proposes that the two owners of the airport,
Cheltenham Borough and Gloucester City Councils will provide the funding
for the £3.4M expansion in the form of a loan. In 2007 the two councils set
up a sub-committee, the Joint Airport Scrutiny Working Group (JASWG),
to examine the airport's plans.

Cheltenham Borough Council's Economy and Business Improvement
Overview and Scrutiny Committee have since recommended that
Gloucestershire Airport's business plans is approved and supported.
Although the scrutiny committee voted to support the airport's business
plan, they also decided that a 'cap' on the number of flights will be part of
the airport's green policy, to be prepared in 'early 2008'.

The JASWG report is available online on the Cheltenham Borough Council
website :

* JASWG Report http://tinyurl.com/ywh8ju
* Appendix A http://tinyurl.com/2ewswv
* Appendix B http://tinyurl.com/yqwtjw
* Appendix C http://tinyurl.com/23wh4h
* Appendix D http://tinyurl.com/yo7nkx

We do not believe that JASWG report is balanced, or that it properly
evaluates the options open to the Councils. The CASE response to the
JASWG report is available at :

* CASE Response http://tinyurl.com/2ythce

CASE will be lobbying the Cabinet to explain why do not think that the
Councils should support the Airport business plan.

The Scrutiny Committee voting was not unanimous, and some of the
members will be preparing their own report that expresses their view that
the Cabinet should not support the business plan.

Cheltenham Borough Council's final decision about whether to support the
Airport's business plan will be made by the Cabinet on 12th Feb 2008 at
4:00pm at the Municipal Offices in Cheltenham. The meeting will be open
to members of the public, should you wish to attend.


2. CASE campaigners joined forces with other campaigners from across
the South West yesterday to discuss major concerns about airport
expansion with the region's MPs at Westminster.

The campaigners used the occasion to launch a new umbrella
organisation, "AirportWatch South West", which will represent a powerful
unified voice to fight issues such as increased noise disturbance for local
communities, increased traffic congestion, and huge rises in climate
changing emissions from aircraft, balanced against unproven economic
benefits from regional airport growth.


3. Gloucester City Council's Overview and Scrutiny Management
Committee deferred their decision on the airport business plan while they
wait for the airport's response to Cheltenham's proposal for a ceiling on the
number of flights. Once the scrutiny committee have made a decision their
recommendation will be sent to the Cabinet, who will make a final decision
for Gloucester.


4. The planning applications submitted by the airport have still not been
considered by the Tewkesbury Borough Council planning committee. The
committee will not consider the four planning applications made by the
airport until their March meeting at the earliest. As soon as the committee
date and the planning officers recommendations are published we will send
an update with the details of the committee members so that you can
contact them directly and make your views known.

Clearly the planners see the expansion as an issue, as they have spent
over a year (since Dec 2006) analysing the applications to judge if, and to
what extent, there will be 'intensification'.


5. Remember that noise complaints can now be submitted online using the
airports new website. The home page is at :


and the noise complaint form is at :


If complaints are not made the airport will claim that their operations do not
cause a noise nuisance. It only takes a moment to log a complaint,
whether it is an out of hours incident, something particularly low or loud, or
repeated circuits.


6. About CASE (Concerned residents Against Staverton Expansion)

For details about CASE, visit the website at www.case-online.org.uk


7. This email

People attending last year's public meeting at Chosen Hill School were
invited to leave their names and addresses so that they could be kept up-
to-date with plans to develop the airport. This email has been sent to all of
the people who left email addresses, or who have subsequently contacted
us. If you would like your name removed from the list please let me know.



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