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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Gloucester Airport Expansion - CASE Update #8

Gloucester Airport Expansion - CASE Update #8 - 23rd April 2009

1. The four planning applications submitted by the Airport in 2006 will be considered by the Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) Planning Committee on the 30th April 2009.

The planning officer handling the applications has recommended that the Committee permit three of the applications and refuse the fourth.

The agenda for the meeting states that "The Committee will adjourn for a second time at 2.05pm for a site visit by all Members of the Planning Committee to the Gloucestershire Airport sites [Agenda Item 5c, applications 1-4 on the Planning Schedule]. The Committee will then reconvene, not before 3.30pm, to consider applications 1-4 at Agenda Item 5c)."

It has been reported in the Gloucestershire Echo that entry to the meeting will be by ticket only, and that tickets will be available from the Council offices on the morning of the meeting.

The appendix containing the officers reports and recommendations for item 5c is currently at this address :


The e-mail addresses of the planning committee are included here in case you wish to contact the members and let them know your views in advance of the meeting :



2. The Airport has recently finalised details of its 'Green Policy'. Instead of preventing expansion this will permit the number of aircraft movements to increase dramatically :

* Annual total movements could increase from 80,000 (in 2008) to 95,000.
* The number of 'out of hours' movements will be permitted to increase from the current level of 708 to 1425 (1.5% of 95,000).
* The number of 'night time' (23:00-06:00) flights, which are currently fairly infrequent would be permitted to increase to 100 per year.

All of these figure exclude Police and medical aircraft, which are excluded from the caps.


3. Noise complaints can now be submitted online using the Airport's website. Their home page is at :


and the noise complaint form is at :


If complaints are not made the airport will claim that their operations do not cause a noise nuisance. It only takes a moment to log a complaint, whether it is an out of hours incident, something particularly low or loud, or repeated circuits.


4. About CASE (Concerned residents Against Staverton Expansion)

For details about CASE, visit the website at www.case-online.org.uk

CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport. More details, and regular updates, can be found on the CASE website at www.case-online.org.uk

People attending the 2006 public meeting at Chosen Hill School were invited to leave their names contact details so that they could be kept up-to-date with plans to develop the airport. This e-mail has been sent to all of the people who left e-mail addresses, or who have subsequently contacted us. If you would like your name removed from the list please let us know.



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